It starts with a southern wind gust


Yachting sails on all Cape Horn products,  are recollected, handmade recycled, washed and cut in Chile. 

It's all about details

Full-Grain Leather

We take the highest quality full-grain leather and make Cape Horn prducts, that are designed to be simple but extremely durable. Each wallet is individually handcrafted and is backed by Cape Horn 100% satifaction guarantee.

Insinspired By Adventures

Cape Horn, Chilean territory

Cape Horn is the Mount Everest for sailors. We honor the brave men and women that defy their limits for big adventures.
We know sailors are really proud to be sailors, that passion that sailor has over the sea is our guide; we like to tell that’s storys through simple and best quality products, that represent the spirit of sailing on open seas.

Cape Horn

Sailors Have their own Mount Everest